10 Business Applications For Artificial Intelligence

It can be challenging to comprehend how machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) can help your company. However, you can use many applications for these technologies to simplify your life.


Your company will gain from AI and ML as it improves operational efficiency and eliminates the tedious activities that seem to be holding you back. Additionally, automated systems and tools driven by AI can assist your business make better use of its resources, which will directly impact your bottom line.

By 2025, Statista projects that the global artificial intelligence (AI) software market will generate 126 billion dollars in revenue. Let’s look at some of artificial intelligence’s most recent business applications.

Business Applications For Artificial Intelligence:

1. Enhancing infrastructure and services

Businesses must enhance their network infrastructure to implement high performance at the scale required to support artificial intelligence (AI). Many companies are incorporating AI chatbots for customer service. With the continuous improvement of AI, chatbots are working effectively to resolve customer issues while improving the quality of customer service. 

2. Implementing AI in Healthcare

Healthcare uses AI applications to build sophisticated machines that can efficiently help healthcare workers to detect diseases and other harmful symptoms. AI can quickly help analyze the detection of chronic diseases in an early stage, which can ultimately help in better treatments. There are diverse applications in the healthcare sector that implements AI. 

3. Reduced usage of energy

AI applications reduce energy costs for drilling, transportation of natural gas, and storage. With the operation of AI applications, it is easier to learn and predict the impending energy load. This opens a good range of opportunities to reduce waste, peak demand, and reduction of costs. 

4. Cybersecurity

Researchers are finding the extended usage of AI very effective for cyber defense. AI detects malware and resists spam, which helps in the cybersecurity sector. It also helps us predict the vulnerability in software that cyber attackers could use. This helps in fixing those loopholes before any severe damage.

5. Recruitment through AI


Recruiters are leveraging AI and machine learning for a smoother, better, and quicker execution of tasks. It is observed that the most challenging part of recruitment is to efficiently and effectively screen resumes. HR technology is using AI to save time from manually screening resumes. With the help of AI, it has become easier to recognize suitable applicants from a wide applicant pool. 

6. Market analysis

Market Prediction requires considering many factors, including physical and psychological factors, rational and irrational behavior, etc. Marketers can use AI and deliver highly targeted and personalized ads through behavioral analysis and pattern recognition. AI helps retarget audiences at the correct time to receive reasonable responses and better results. 

7. Being customer-centric

Many companies are using AI to analyze customer surveys and activity responses. This not only helps them to understand the customer’s feedback but also makes them understand if certain qualities or attributes correlate to their response rate and likelihood to engage. This analysis will help the companies to alter their client survey strategies. 

8. Accelerated reading

It is easier for AI to read and understand written text. With a vast quantity of data available in every company, it is nearly impossible for any human to go through all of the textual content. However, AI has made it easier to understand complex articles and journals in every sector before giving helpful advice to researchers. It accelerates the discovery of cures and diseases in the healthcare sector, along with developing new treatments and medicines.

9. Fintech and accounting

The financial services industry is embracing automation after utilizing AI for its various operations. Online chatbots and SMS texts provide relevant information to customers. It has also become more accessible for the banking sector to detect fraud and other potential red flags humans previously missed. Several banks are recognizing the benefits of AI and incorporating them into their business. 

10. Social media platforms

Many companies have their social media platforms and utilize AI for a smooth and controversy-free channel. Many companies use AI to translate posts from different languages, making them universally understood. Other businesses use AI to detect fraud by removing propaganda and hateful content from its website.


Many startups see rapid development and success with the right tactics and plans. All the credit goes to artificial intelligence. Things are more convenient now than in the past since AI-enabled machines do most of our time-consuming and mundane labor.

Machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and other topics are developing quickly as scientists discover more about them, and various software programs are being created to handle many organizations’ aspects.

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