10 Tech Tips on Working from Home

Many people suddenly worked from home for the first time because of the pandemic. It was made possible by technology, which is appreciated. But it is essential to know a few techniques regarding the technology you usually use in your office to make it easier while working from home. 


What are some tech tips for working from home?

Below are a few tech tips that can make people work from home more accessible and more efficient. 

1. Use technology for meetings

Many applications can be used for a conference meeting. It is better to utilize the one best suitable for your company and use it at least once a week. Regular meetings will be hectic and hinder the tasks on hand. It is better to stay connected through emails and messages while discussing on the first or last day of the week to measure the progress of the projects. 

2. “Live” office environment

Every company uses a separate application for messaging the team members, be it Google chat, Slack, or Skype. However, if you have a query regarding your work, it is better to ask it on a group channel. It will resemble the way you would have swiveled your chair and asked your teammates rather than just messaging one person, which could seem like whispering to the person.

3. Separate work system

Use a laptop or PC that you can solely use for office work. Never let anyone else use that for their work. This may cause issues or embarrassing moments. Creating a separate user profile for them will be better if you have to share your computer with any of your family members. 

4. Make the calendar visible 

Please make your calendar visible to your teammates so they may know when you are in a meeting. It will have an in-person visual cue, just like when you were not on your desk. You can also change your display message accordingly.

5. Increase your focus

While working from home, no colleagues will come beside you chatting for long hours or team members asking you to join for lunch or a coffee break. It is totally up to you to be more focused and productive while you are working. Although, it won’t be advisable to turn off the notifications from your emails and messages because you never know which urgent task can crop up. 

6. Closed meetings with corporate backgrounds

It can be a lot of distractions from your family members to disturb you during a meeting that you are having in your drawing room. Having a space for such meetings is better where you can put up a professional background so that no one in the office would know how clumsy you can be while working remotely.

7. Upgrade conference equipment

It would be best if you upgraded your audio equipment because there are high chances that you will be having a meeting while your neighbor must decide at that precise moment to build a time machine at his home. The noise from the tools might be a barrier during your calls. Hence, it is better to have better noise cancellation earphones, good speakerphones, and a high-quality camera.

8. Know your bandwidth

While working from home, you must be aware of your capacity. You often face issues regarding the internet during meetings and other essential collaborations. It is crucial to take care of the users at home who may be online or streaming. You can cut down on such things during your video calls and meetings.

9. Reboot your system

The worst-kept secret among IT experts is that sometimes it’s quicker to restart a gadget than to troubleshoot it. This is especially true of single-use gadgets like routers, firewalls, and coffee makers. Additionally, it holds for computer applications and even complete machines. When was the last time you rebooted your computer or laptop?

10. Make a signal to stop for the day

It has been observed that while working from home, people tend to overwork a lot. It is tough to get a visual signal of when to stop your day by looking at people around you packing their bags and ready to leave the office. It is better to have some visual cues to remind you that you must stop for the day. For instance, install bright lights around your workplace that brighten and dim along with the sun. Or work beside a window where you can see it getting dark outside, signaling you to shut down for the day.

Take Away

Working from home may seem different and challenging for those who are used to working from the office, but it has its benefits. Most importantly, you don’t need to wake up early and catch a bus to reach the office on time. And the best one is that you can work in your pajamas. 

While productivity is all about your capability, these tech tips will surely increase your focus and will engage you while doing the work. Just remember to keep in touch with your colleagues regularly, and whenever in doubt, find a tech friend to clear that out.

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