How can you use Blockchain Technology in your tech business?

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Different new-age technologies are emerging as the adoption of digital technology increases. One such technology that is gaining traction and is anticipated to be the next big thing for businesses is Blockchain.

It is your responsibility to educate yourself on this developing technology so that you are ready for the future as Blockchain develops and becomes more approachable. This is the best platform to learn the fundamentals of Blockchain if you’re new to it.

What Exactly Is Blockchain Technology?

A network of businesses uses Blockchain, an immutable distributed ledger, to record transactions and track assets. It is a method of data storage that makes it impossible for anyone to alter, hack, or cheat it. Intellectual property, patents, copyrights, and other brand assets are intangible assets. Land, money, cars, and homes are examples of tangible assets.

Blockchain technology is a framework for storing public transactional records, also referred to as “blocks,” across multiple databases in a network connected by peer-to-peer nodes. The term “digital ledger” is frequently used to describe this kind of storage.

The owner’s digital signature serves as both a validation and fraud prevention mechanism for every transaction in this ledger. It also serves to authenticate the transaction. As a result, the information in the digital ledger is very safe.

Role Of Blockchain Technology In Promoting Business Growth

Both centralized and decentralized models of the technology are used to operate it. The former enables the implementation of data control by a single entity. It might be a person or a business. The latter involves a division of control among numerous independent entities. The centralized model is primarily used in businesses because of security and privacy concerns.

Businesses must now adopt Blockchain because it is one of the valuable technologies. Organizations would need to capitalize on this trend to deal with industry dynamics and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Few reasons that state the importance of Blockchain Technology are as follows:

  • Promising security, encryption & privacy
  • The immutability characteristic
  • Maximum outcome with minimum investment and 
  • Application across various industries

Business owners and managers should set up a corporate training program in Big Data to address these Big Data challenges in businesses and large organizations.

Innovative Ways To Use Blockchain Technology In Your Business

Blockchain technology can be used in businesses in various ways, and its potential goes far beyond the cryptocurrency it has traditionally been linked to. 

The following are a few innovative ways to use Blockchain technology in businesses:

Tamper-Evident Log

Using Blockchain as a secure ledger could be advantageous if your company keeps track of transactions of any kind. Beyond Bitcoin itself, this is currently the most common application of Blockchain, as many organizations are moving toward decentralized logs that are permanent once they are created. 

This is particularly valid for companies that are concerned about data breaches. Hackers can easily target many systems because they have a single point of failure, a central node to which all the blocks are connected. Because the data in a blockchain is distributed equally among all nodes, any attempt to change the records already in the chain would be quickly detected and corrected.

Commercialization of Data

Even though a company’s data is sensitive and private, sharing or commercializing it can still be beneficial, as many businesses realize. Businesses frequently provide peer-to-peer storage and sharing that is protected by Blockchain technology, including Datamine.

Our analytics platform is made to make data sharing, or “data-pooling,” as it is also known, more accessible for companies from all sectors and regions to do. We have a variety of data storage technologies, some of which are Blockchain-based and provide users with a few advantages. 

The first benefit is that the record logs are more secure than they would be otherwise, and the second is that the peer-to-peer nature of a blockchain works very well in the context of data sharing because users can collaborate on their data across the platform knowing that usage is securely tracked.

Data Consistency 

Consistency is another typical reason why some businesses use Blockchain to store their data. Multiple users rely on the data in an organization’s dataset, so it’s crucial that they can verify that no changes have been made that would affect the final results. As you might expect, spotting these changes among the millions of rows of data is very challenging.

In these situations, some companies use Blockchain to ‘hash’ and summarise the data in the dataset in order to record it. Another option is to store the dataset itself as a blockchain, where blocks of transactions, customers, and stores are entered and made unchangeable so that users don’t need to double-check that the data is still accurate.

Using Blockchain for data consistency has two drawbacks:

  • As mentioned above, hashing individual rows could be very expensive. Storing a condensed version of the hashes, such as only the hashed summary of your daily sales/transactions rather than the precise dollar amount of each transaction, is one way to reduce this cost.
  •  The data could change for a valid reason, in which case you would need to rebuild the entire Blockchain because just changing the problematic block would prevent the Blockchain from reconciling.


Blockchain improves the traceability, transparency, and trust of data shared across networks in the digital world. Businesses can go paperless thanks to it, and processes can be automated and run more quickly. 

With the help of this technology, operations are more efficient while also requiring less time and effort to develop. Therefore, it would be appropriate to say that businesses have a chance to grow rapidly with blockchain technology, given its myriad advantages.

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