Latest AI Tech you should know in 2021

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When it comes to AI, the future is definitely not known yet. However, if you are a technology enthusiast, it is time that you became familiar with the latest AI technology that is out in the market today. It has been estimated that by 2021 there will be artificial intelligent computers that are as smart as humans. Artificial intelligence is the next big thing in the field of Artificial Intelligent Systems. It is a form of technology where computer systems can be customized based on various inputs. The human mind is very powerful. It can be used to give personalized training. There are many companies that are using this innovative technology to give personalized training to their employees.

  • Machine Learning 
  • Future of Internet 
  • Automated Engineering 
  • Robotics
  • Supercomputers 
  • Healthcare 

Machine Learning 

You might wonder how computers can think? Computers have the ability to emulate human thoughts. They can imagine and plan in order to solve complex problems. For example they would be able to diagnose a patient based on medical history data. In the future we would see many medical clinics using similar techniques.

Future of Internet 

Another interesting aspect is that artificial intelligence is directly related to the future of the internet. It is a form of web-based computing, where data is fed into a central system. It can be accessed through data mining techniques. The centralized server would process the data and deliver it to users via the internet. It is similar to the way that an email is sent from one computer to another. The technology is also being used to provide internet access to the military.

Automated Engineering

In the near future self-driving cars will be on the roadways. They will not only take your orders but also to think like a driver. This means that it will be able to parallel park, avoid traffic and drive in a manner that humans can never do. It will be able to negotiate city routes in a safe and intelligent manner. Today the designers took this one step further and have incorporated artificial intelligence into the system. The system doesn’t have to think like people. Instead it will decide on its own based on how it was trained to respond to certain situations.


Robotic arms are in use at the present time and it is expected that within ten years these will be fully developed. Their job will be to replace drivers in vehicles. They will pick up their patients, fill out their prescriptions and deliver them to the correct location. Their role will be similar to that of a pharmacist. However, their job will be a lot safer than that of a human, because they will never get hurt. As time passes more sophisticated systems would replace human pharmacists.


Artificial intelligence has been available since the 1950s but the first computers weren’t very useful. Today things are a lot better. Modern technology allows artificial intelligence to be extremely versatile. It is able to think like a human or like computer programs.


Another recent breakthrough in artificial intelligence was medical equipment. It has been possible to create machines that can look after people who are terminally ill. This means that doctors can go on with their lives even though they are not able to talk. Once this system becomes available to the public, it will become a must have for every family. If you want to have peace of mind when you are away from home for any length of time then you need the latest AI Technology you should know about.


If you are worried about your child’s future then the best solution is to teach it to think like an adult. It is estimated that by the time that your child is a teenager it will already have learned to think like an adult. You could do this with the latest AI Technology you should know about. By using an artificial intelligent computer it is possible to teach your child to get good grades, to read, to write and to do simple tasks. In doing this, you are teaching your child the ability to learn on their own and you can leave it up to them when they are older to go into a real classroom.

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