What is Business Intelligence and why is it important for an Organization?

Importance of Headless Business Intelligence for an organization can be derived from several aspects. The first and the foremost aspect is that this is a tool that helps to identify hidden opportunities that are available in the marketplace. For instance you may be doing all kinds of small business activities like web designing or product manufacturing but you are not getting enough profit out of it. These activities are not getting profitable. But if you want to increase your profitability you need to adopt the right kind of strategies that help to understand the hidden threats and opportunities in the market.

Business Intelligence

What is Headless Business Intelligence (BI)?

Headless business intelligence helps you understand the customers. It helps you to know their likes and dislikes and what makes them tick. Understanding these facts will allow you to cater to their requirements and offer better products or services. In fact it can even help you expand your business as far as you need to. This way you not only get more profit but also add on to your business operations.

Importance of Headless Business Intelligence (BI):

Importance of headless business intelligence can be understood through its applications. For instance, think of customer relationship management. This is a very important aspect of any business or organizations. It helps to build strong relationship with customers. It helps to make them feel important and to want to do business with your organization. It helps to provide the necessary assistance and tools for managing clients successfully.

It is very important that you choose the right kind of business intelligence software. If you use the wrong software, you will have to spend lots of time, money and effort on correcting the mistakes. This is because there are so many features of the software that can confuse you.

So you need to select the right software that enables you to access all the features that headless business intelligence offers. You should check if the product you select is capable of running on Linux. If you find that these features are missing, you should not hesitate in selecting another product. Another aspect of this software is that it should have a user friendly interface. This will save you a lot of time and money. If the software does not have an easy user interface you will have problems using it. You might have to call the technical support of the company or you might have to spend lots of money to understand the problem.

Headless Business Intelligence in Strategic Planning:

Headless BI in Strategic Planning will give you ideas how you can increase the profit margin of your organization. It will help to know the market trends so that you can change your marketing strategies accordingly. The best thing about headless business intelligence is that it helps to reduce costs and at the same time increases the productivity of the employees working under you.

It is undeniable that in any business there is a customer and this is an important fact that you should remember all the time. If you do not keep up to date with the marketing strategies and trends then you may lose out to your competitors. The importance of headless business intelligence cannot be ignored at any cost. So, you should consider all the above aspects while going for buying business intelligence software.

Headless BI in Decision Making:

Nowadays, most of the businesses are based on customer relations. There is a lot of back and forth communication between the customers and the business owners. Customers express their opinions about your product and service in different ways. These opinions have an impact on the business decision making process. For instance, if the product or service you offer is lacking in the market, it will not be possible to increase your sales and your profits.

Headless BI in Customer Relations:

Headless business intelligence software can help in keeping a track of the customer’s comments, their queries and suggestions regarding the product or service that you provide. This will be beneficial for the business owner as well as the employee working in the organization. It will also give them an idea of the type of queries and issues that people have been raising regarding your products and services. Hence, you can get to know the needs and demands of the people and make improvements in your business process. O-Chat by ONPASSIVE is an intelligent Chatbot that helps in making sure that the customer relations are followed according to the protocol.


As mentioned before, the importance of headless business intelligence software cannot be denied. It has made the tasks and jobs of a salesperson much simpler. Now, he does not have to sit in front of a computer and do the boring task of talking about the products and services of a business. He can simply receive information on it through an Internet connection at home and present it to his boss. This will definitely make the business process more streamlined.

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