What is Technology Literacy? Everything You Need to Know

Technology has become more prominent than ever in the past few years. We live in a digital era where technology is crucial in every phase of our life. Technology is bringing us a wealth of information and benefits; however, it is also critical to use this technology effectively and, more importantly, safely.


What is Technology Literacy?

Technology literacy is a term that is most used nowadays for people who are well-versed with technology and its usage. It refers to understanding, using, and managing technology effectively and safely. Technology literacy also includes creating, integrating, and evaluating information through technology. 

It is crucial to combat irresponsible and unsafe technology to create a safe technological environment. The term closely relates to digital literacy, which means understanding and effectively using digital information. Technology literacy is not limited to computers and the internet; it is applied to all technological devices. Any device or system that helps solve a problem and carry out a task in a technical manner can come under technology literacy. 

What is the importance of technology literacy?

Technology is everywhere and is growing on a daily basis. Technology plays a crucial role in our personal and professional lives. We are using technology for leisure and our official work. Sometimes, we are even using technology for our well-being. Since technology plays a significant role in our life, we must ensure that we are using technology in a manner that does not negatively affect us. 

There are many pitfalls while using technology, and technology literacy teach us how to make the most of our technology while avoiding such pitfalls. Some of them are discussed below:


We are relying too much on technology for all kinds of work. Previously, technology was treated as a luxury, but it is more like a necessity in the present digital era. We communicate through smartphones, travel through several types of automobiles, get news from televisions or social media platforms, and have now started working on computers all day long. This over-reliance on technology may adversely affect our mental and physical health. 


Nowadays, media comes in many forms, and there are channels that are available 24/7 throughout the year. But it is difficult for people to separate reality from fake news and misinformation. Media always has exaggerated things, and morphing a video or picture to back up their story is easy because of technological advances. Hence, it is vital to be technologically literate to understand fake stories in media.


Technological innovations have given rise to video cameras, which have helped make safe and secure decisions. But there are many misuses done by the same as well. Similarly, when it comes to internet privacy concerns, there are many loopholes that people might need help to cover themselves. A technologically literate person is less likely to get duped by such loopholes. Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of securing passwords and knowing where to draw the line regarding personal privacy. 

What are the Technology Literacy Skills?

You must be technologically literate to have a safe and enjoyable technology experience. However, there are specific skills that you need to become technologically literate. Some of them are:

  • Communication: You must not only indulge in consuming digital information but also communicate online by creating your content and sharing it with others. 
  • Comprehension: It is crucial that you not only receive information from a technological device but also have the ability to comprehend it. It is similar to traditional reading and writing literacy. 
  • Evaluation: While getting the information on a technological platform, we need to evaluate the same. You must critically analyze the data in order to determine its accuracy and reliability to avoid falling prey to fake news and misinformation.
  • Adaptation: Technology is constantly changing and evolving; hence, it is vital for you to keep on adapting to its changes. Pick up new skills and adjust using technology, whether using a new tablet or exploring a new media platform.

Take Away

Technology is affecting everyone, regardless of age group. The younger generation relies more on technology as they are exposed to it from an early age. Hence, teaching them the importance of technology and its safe usage is essential. Many schools are already teaching technology and digital skills, which will benefit the children to become technologically literate. 

Technology is rising rapidly, and we are witnessing new advancements in the field of technology now and then. We should be updated and keep a close watch on technological advances to track the evolution of technology and make safe use of it at every phase of our lives. 

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